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Member ap
Steam Name: Scoobert Doobert
SteamID: STEAM_1:0:124382716
Why? Because i own a great dane called scooby and how is that not the coolest thing ever - Smoking is the ultimate flex (my friends said so) say no to the weed but yes to the crystal pistol. Im good at banter so having me there to randomly spaz out is obviously the best idea - if you see my spray in game ill highfive you for fun and i have a facebook page for shitposting (sorry for the bad language but thats literally what facebook has classed me as) im not mean but if you hurt my feelings ill burn your family and livestream it on twitch.... all in all im just talking random bs to prove how much of a mad lad i am <3 (and your server is literally the only good one nowadays) ROOOBYDOOOBYDOOOOO

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