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Jims Trial Moderator Application
First name: James
In game name: Jims Mowing
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:63034493
Age: 18
Current Rank: Guest
Previous Experience: About 2 years ago I was Admin on an American server (although I did pay for Admin).
Why you? I offer maturity, reliability, flexibility and experience; for over 2 years Garry's Mod has been the only game I have played on steam and TTT is the only mode I play in Garry's Mod, thus I understand every aspect of the game mode and can communicate the rules with ease to players. Whilst I can crack the odd joke, I am able to quickly switch between friendly banter and moderating which I believe is crucial in an authoritative . I am flexible with time, most players are from the eastern states whilst I am from Perth WA; the 2 hour timezone difference means I am usually on at later hours of the day therefore offering moderation on the server whilst other staff members are not on.
Rules: I am able to enforce the rules with ease.

Thank you for considering my application, I wish to grow with the server  Smile

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